Find and Repair your Fire Sprinkler System Leaks

Leaks or large-scale failure from a “wet pipe” fire sprinkler system can cause catastrophic harm to your home or business. Broken sprinkler heads or damaged pipes in your fire sprinkler system can cause massive leaks, leading to the following:

  • Rotten drywall
  • Wet concrete, leading to warped hardwood floors
  • Wet insulation, causing a foul odor
  • Wet molding and trim, resulting in mold infestation and rotten drywall
  • Wet sill plates, leading to door frame failure
  • Wet studs, weakening the structural integrity of your home


Leaks present in your fire sprinkler system may also indicate corrosive damage or other sub-optimal performance factors that could greatly reduce effectiveness during a fire. A small leak today can lead to big headaches tomorrow. Call Leak Detection Online to have your leaking fire sprinkler system inspected and returned to tip-top condition. We’re available to consult with your insurance company.

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